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Need a furniture restoration specialist in Hampton? Call Mark Baker for a fantastic range of services to keep your favourite furniture looking amazing, and to extend its life for many more years. Using traditional methods and modern techniques, we can produce any result you require - call Mark Baker today and arrange your free consultation to discuss your needs.

• Antique and modern furniture

• French polishing and wood lacquering

• Scratch and scuff repairs

• Reupholstery and fabric repairs

• New feet and legs for furniture

• Handles and locks for dressers and desks

• Woodturning

• Marquetry and inlay work

• Carving

Furniture restoration for modern and antique furniture - call Mark Baker now for your free consultation on

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Keep your antique furniture in great condition with Mark Baker. We provide a fantastic range of services, including French polishing and finishing, to give your chairs, dressers, tables and cabinets a new lease of life and get them looking like new.

Looking after your furniture

Antique furniture restoration

If you want to add a modern twist to an antique chair or restore a recent second hand purchase to its former glory, call Mark Baker today. From frame repairs and restoration to crafting bespoke furniture to your own specifications, our furniture specialists are here to help.

Give your furniture a makeover with Mark Baker

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